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Strength, conditioning, functional, and increasing endurance are essential fitness fundamentals to Benavidez Sports Training. We believe that having a properly trained, healthy and functional body is the foundation for sports training and overall wellness.

We have a variety of different fitness styles, and will build a fun and exciting program to suit your goals. You may want to incorporate boxing in your workouts, or focus more on a traditional fitness approach, or perhaps a combination of both! All fitness programs are custom-designed and will keep you motivated, focused, and provide amazing results!

Bod Pod 

We take your results seriously. which is why we offer Body Composition Testing with the latest device that provides exceptionally accurate results.

The Bod Pod can detect the smallest changes in body fat, as well as lean body mass (i.e. muscle, organs, bones). Everyone’s body works differently, which is why measuring your Body Mass Index (BMI) is not enough to give you an accurate benchmark on progress.

Our fitness program will get you started on the right foot. Come see us today!

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